Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting carded

I get carded for a variety of reasons. My height (I'm 4'11"), my hair (I recently got bangs and they make me look a bit younger), etc. I'm 27, so I'm still in a reasonable range for carding. But Saturday, I got carded for a brand new reason: my voice.

I walked in, grabbed two 6-packs of beer, and put them on the counter. He rang them up, I handed him my debit card. He asked me, "Credit or debit?" and I answered, "Debit." That was when he asked for my ID.

See, when I talk to strangers, I use my "polite voice," which is a bit higher than my casual speaking voice. I don't do it on purpose, and sometimes people giggle when I talk to them normally but answer the phone in a completely different voice. It's just one of my quirks.

Apparently, my "polite voice" also makes me sound younger. I actually got carded because I "sound" young. I find that hilarious.

Anyone else have any funny reasons for getting carded?


  1. lol Paul often gets carded just because he's with me! I find it funny when they card me, I keep telling myself I'll like it when I'm in my mid-thirties. lol

  2. I have gotten carded, and then asked for additional ID as my license picture almost never looks like me (in my current form).

  3. I have brown hair and no bangs in my license pic so I'm surprised that doesn't happen to me, lol. I keep telling myself I should be flattered!

  4. Wow! Maybe I'll try speaking in a higher voice, though they will probably just laugh at me. haha!

  5. Yeah I'm sure it sounds fake when I do it but I can't help it, lol. It's also my "phone voice."