Friday, October 9, 2009


Hi, my name is Sarah, and I am addicted to Twitter.

There's no denying it.  I have 4 accounts (CelestialAxis is my personal one, FollowingLove is for re-tweeting love-related tweets, ManaDump is my geek blog one, and CelestialWeds is my wedding one.  Whew!).  On my main account, I follow 210 people, have 332 followers, and have posted 5,364 tweets.  I tweet from my phone, I tweet from Simon's iPhone (he's reserved his Tweetie app for me), I tweet from home, but mainly, I tweet from work.  I refresh Twitter about once a minute when I'm not working, hence following 210 people so there's always something new.

One of the things I love about Twitter is meeting new people.  I have met some ladies that I seriously consider my friends now (mainly msrib, MoodySanguine, and Tryphyna).  I'm actually going to try to take a trip to Canada next year to meet some of them.  I don't make friends easily in real life, especially female ones, so Twitter helps me feel connected and supported.

It's also the hugest wedding resource ever.  Most of my contacts are wedding-related, and we share an endless stream of ideas, websites, and deals.  I became Thursday's featured blogger on TweetMyWedding.  I am ALL about tweeting wedding stuff.

Of course, there's my geek community too.  I keep up on The Guild, chat with people about WoW, and spy on my fave SciFi celebs.

I keep in touch with real-life friends.  I read about news updates.  I cheer people up.  I network.  What CAN'T I do on Twitter?  I love it!  Do you, and why or why not?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Kitty kitty

This may be off topic a bit (though I don't really adhere to any strict topic on this blog), but I would like to geek out about my adorable cats.

A few months after Simon and I started dating, he adopted Casey, an old long-haired black and white neutered male cat, from a waitress at Starbucks.  His owners had moved and temporarily left him with a friend, but then decided they didn't want him after they moved (AWFUL!).  Simon unwittingly took him in, which eventually resulted in puked-on rugs, thousands of dollars in vet visits and meds, and eventually a diagnosis of intestinal lymphoma.  Before he was diagnosed, and after I had moved in, Simon and I decided Casey needed a friend.  We talked and talked about our dream kitty, and decided we wanted a short-haired black female cat, and we wanted to name her Luna.

I started searching PetFinder, and happened to find that the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Methuen, MA had a short-haired black female cat...named Luna.  She was 6 years old, but I didn't care.  It was too perfect, too coincidental, to not be fate.  We took her home on Saturday, June 14, 2008.

She and Casey hissed at each other a bit at first, eventually got used to each other, and then pretty much ignored each other.  He got sicker and sicker, and eventually passed away.  =(  Luna continued to be a very chill, vocal kitty, but definitely NOT a lap-cat.

Simon and I put the condo up on the market soon after, so we weren't ready for any more cats until we moved into our new house this past July.  We talked about getting a kitten so Luna would have a friend (we're big on pets not being lonely).  First we had to unpack, then clean the house so we wouldn't lose a kitten in the mess!  Finally, this past Labor Day weekend, we decided we were ready to add to our family.

We first went back to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm, but didn't find a kitten that suited us.  My sister Katy had come with us, and she volunteers at the Boston MSPCA, so she suggested we try there.  We walked in to find far more kittens than the other one (who had luckily had lots of recent adoptions, can't blame them, that's great!) and I kind of went into kitten overload.  I...LOVE...cute and fuzzies.  Simon watched my eyes go wide and dreamy as I held one kitten after another.  We really wanted an orange tiger kitten, but the only one they had was male.  We're kind of partial to female cats, but Simon said it didn't matter as long as he was neutered.  So there's this adorable male orange tiger kitten the shelter has named Naranja, and his cage mate is his sister Starburst, a tiny little calico girl.  They were found as strays in a backyard in Dorchester, at only a month old

I played with Starburst...

And Simon cuddled Naranja...

And we watched them fall asleep in their little cage, in the litter box...

And we knew.  Simon turned to me and said, "How about two kittens instead of one?" and I just about screamed with glee.  We took the papers from their cages and marched off to claim them as ours.  We later found out that was only their 2nd day in the shelter after being fostered.  I'm so glad we got them before anyone else!  We also decided to rename them Ron and Ginny.

We had to leave them there to be spayed and neutered, which just about killed me to wait, but I lived.  My sis brought them home to us on Tuesday, September 8, 2009.  Our new house has a guest bedroom that doesn't have a bed in it yet, so that became the kitten room!  We needed to keep them separate from Luna at first in case they were sick.  We filled it with toys and beds and they LOVED it.

They are definitely the cutest, sweetest, cuddliest kittens ever.  Unfortunately, they both developed upper respiratory infections, which is common in shelter kittens, but we treated it and they're doing great now.  We discovered Ginny has a kink in the end of her tail, from an old break or something.  =(  It doesn't seem to bother her now.  They're both bundles of energy and fun.

Luna...isn't too pleased with them yet.  She only sees them in the evenings when we're home and let them out of their room.  We don't trust them not to destroy the house in our absence, as they try really hard to do so in our presence!  Luna hisses at them and hides.

They'll get used to each other eventually, and at least she's not trying to hurt them.

Ron and Ginny like to run around the house like crazy for a few hours, then when Simon and I are relaxing watching TV, curl up around my legs and fall asleep.  They are the sweetest little things.  Luna's our big baby too, and we hope they all get along someday.