Friday, August 21, 2009

The Guild

So...I'm a little obsessed with Felicia Day. She's kinda my girl-crush, but mainly I just want to BE her. She's a geek, an actress, a musician, and an Internet phenomenon.

For those of you who have not heard of "The Guild," let me explain. Felicia Day is an actress who has made appearances in Buffy, Dollhouse, and many other shows. She's been in a Sears commercial. She's an adorable redhead and she pops up everywhere.

She plays WoW. She decided to make a show about people who play WoW. Only none of the networks wanted it, so she put it online. And a cult was born...

It is called "The Guild" (www.watchtheguild.com) and stars:
They play an MMORPG together (WoW is never specifically referenced) and are in a guild called The Knights of Good. They decide to meet in real life, and hilariousness ensues. They have two seasons done already (both of which I own on DVD) and a third is coming soon. They recently released the funniest music video ever that is GUARANTEED to get stuck in your head (in a good way):

You can buy the MP3 and music video on iTunes and Amazon (search for "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar"). Help support them!

I seriously look up to Felicia Day. She makes me want to lose weight so I can be an adorable geek like her. She's smart and talented and knows how to use her talents to entertain the masses. She's turned an obscure group of people into an Internet sensation.

Simon thinks I'm a little nuts, since I only found out about her in the last year. I entered a video contest The Guild ran because you could be included in the Season 3 DVD, but I lost. My life goal is to meet her (which shouldn't be hard since she shows up at ComiCon and BlizzCon but those are always so far away and I haven't made it to either yet). I follow her on Twitter, read her blog, and buy books she likes and recommends. I have a picture of The Guild cast as the desktop background on my work computer.

Seriously though, am I insane? Felicia Day is my idol. =)

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  1. Not crazy at all. I'm quite a fan. Have you see 'Dr. Horrible'? I assumed so but where it wasn't on the list thought I'd mention it!