Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Food shaming

I saw this on Facebook today:


This isn't a cute reminder to eat your veggies. It's food shaming and fat shaming and it's WRONG.

This sort of crap is why people have eating disorders. This sort of crap is why fat people sometimes eat in private so they won't be judged. This is why some fat people are ASSUMED to eat the crap on the bottom of the photo even when they're eating the lawn trimmings at the the top.

I argued my case briefly in a comment under the photo. Obviously no one agreed with me. This sort of black or white, this or that attitude about food is BS and it's making me sick to my stomach. YES salads are generally better for you, but photos like this skew the reality of health. "Good" and "bad" food labeling is harmful, judgmental, and just plain wrong.

How DARE you judge a fat person and make the assumption that all they consume is fast food. How DARE you suggest that I'll be happy and thin if I'd only eat salads and water because it's just that simple? It's taken me YEARS to come to love my body the way it is. Yes, I'm trying to be healthier, but I'm HAPPY JUST THE WAY I AM.

So take your shaming and your polarized thinking and kiss my beautiful fat ass.

Monday, March 19, 2012

This is why I hike

This is why I hike
The sounds of civilization fall away as if dying in the distance
Feeble murmurs of the world I leave behind
Trail blazes mark my way so I'm never truly lost
Tethering me to the reality I escape from
Tiny animals scurry beside me
Never seen, only heard
I hide with them
I exercise a body too often sedentary
I still a mind too often in motion
I balance my being
I center my soul
I leave behind the concrete and the gas
I divorce myself from the noise and the hurt
And when I am filled to the brim with stillness
I come home to my love
And my life is complete