Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WoW woes

Whoops, sorry for the hiatus, the geek-man and I went to Maine for our anniversary. =)

I just started playing WoW again; we normally take a break from it in the summer and actually go outside. I'm not hardcore back into it again, just doing my fishing daily and such. My main is a level 80 blood elf paladin. I have my own guild of just my fiance and our friends, but I'm thinking we will need to join a bigger guild to get into any raids for decent equipment. I have a level 40-something tauren druid, a level 30 blood elf mage, and a level 14 orc hunter that I occassionally play as well. I'm trying to level my engineering and jewelcrafting on two of the lower ones.

As much as I love the game, I'm having a hard time getting back into it. Maybe I'm spreading myself too thin between characters, but I just get so bored after only an hour. I can't even stay motivated leveling my lowbies. I still love it and want to play, but it's lacking the excitement it used to have.

Anyone else getting bored with their game of choice, but don't want to give it up? What do you do to get back into it?


  1. I find it's best to play with a friend. I play with my wife

  2. I play with my fiance, but we're kinda in the same boat here. Getting bored but still want to play.