Thursday, August 6, 2009

LAN parties

Many people are incredulous that not only do I like LAN parties, but that I wanted to set our basement up as a LAN party room!

Okay, for non-geeks, a LAN party is when a bunch of people bring their gaming computers to a friend's house, they all hook up to the Internet, and play some sort of multiplayer, online game, like World of Warcraft, Dawn of War, etc. It usually starts in the afternoon and lasts all night. I attended a 14-hour one once, and it was pretty bad-ass.

Until now, these have only occurred for us at Chris's house. The condo Simon and I lived in didn't have a big enough room for us to host one. But now...he he he. We have an entire finished basement room just BEGGING for five or so computers to be set up in it. We now live closer to everyone too, and we have guest bedrooms if anyone needs to stay the night.

We have a grill for feeding the masses, we're buying a mini-fridge to stock with soda and energy drinks, we have ample desks and folding tables, and a HUGE 65" TV for when we take a break from computer games to play other video games, like Guitar Hero World Tour. The second I saw this room when we were house-hunting, I exclaimed, "LAN party room!"

And that is when Simon professed, "Is there any question why I'm marrying her?"


  1. Ha, I wish. Still messy and not completely unpacked. And need to get our propane tank back from Chris this weekend. Soon!

  2. I SO wish I lived closer! Most of my friends are too 'mature' to LAN it up with me!

  3. LOL I'm the youngest at 27, the guys are all 32+. And Chris has wife and baby and she's been totally cool w/ LAN parties at their house. There can be up to 6 of us on a good night.