Friday, July 31, 2009

Geek gifts

I think geeks are some of the easiest people to buy gifts for. If you know what games or movies they love, there are endless choices for gadgets, figurines, books, etc. to buy them.

For example, on only our SECOND date, my geeky sweetie surprised me with a plastic Time-Turner from Harry Potter.I pretty much fell for him then and there, I was so impressed. Then, for our first Christmas together, he bought me a lightsaber. A freaking LIGHTSABER. I squealed like a 12-year-old and played with it all day. Granted, my fiance is particularly lucky because like most geek girls, I prefer gifts that are normally considered "guy" things. This past year, he filled my stocking with Mana Potions. Win.

The same goes for him. I've bought him a World of Warcraft orc figurine, World of Warcraft mousepad, and countless video games. We both own a crapload of geeky t-shirts. He got me tickets to a Video Games Live concert for my last birthday (by my request). We never seem to run out of game-related things to buy each other.

I had a friend who once cross-stitched a picture of her boyfriend's WoW character. I've seen some amazing geeky birthday cakes. I earn frequent buyer points on both ThinkGeek and Jinx buying stuff for myself and Simon.

What geeky gifts have you given or received? What are your favorites?


  1. First of all, THANK YOU for those links. I will get a lot of use out of them. I like the tee on Jinx: "And then Buffy staked Edward. The end." lmao

    As for geeky gifts received, tickets to see theatrical shows and a framed poster from a show I was in. For gifts given, I made an "Air hockey co-champion" trophy and have given plenty of video game themed presents.

    And last year we had a nintendo themed christmas tree.

  2. Awesome! We need to do a Nintendo Christmas tree, that would kick so much ass.

    The Buffy and Edward tee is a huge hit. I'm glad you liked the links, I was hoping it wasn't too much. =)

  3. Mana potion tastes like gamer sweat. It's utterly cool, but so not tasty!

    Haven't done too many geeky gifts, save for games or special editions of games. For example I got the hubby the special edition of Fallout 3. Though I did tell him that I wanted to steal the lunch box for a purse.

  4. Yeah the mana potions were definitely gross. =P