Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dreaming of Spring

It's almost here.  It's so close I can taste it.  It's nearly...SPRING!

You know what that means?  MOTORCYCLE WEATHER!

Since last year was my first full season riding my own motorcycle, this winter has been particularly hard.  And long.  And depressing.  Some days all I wanna do is go RIDE.  But I can't.  :(

It's so close now.  Weekend trips up to New Hampshire to try some new restaurant.  Quick evening jaunts to Woburn to hang out at our friend Mark's ice cream shop Nanabette's.  Aimless rides into western Mass. with our cameras in tow for scenic shots.  CAN.  NOT.  WAIT.

In the meantime, I'll do what I do best: shop online.  ;)  Or at least "window shop."  I've found a new site I really love called RevZilla.  They have a shop, forum, contests, and you can earn TeamZilla cash toward future purchases.  I just created an account, entered their current contest, and started browsing around today.

It actually turns out my husband bought his helmet from them last year.  Unfortunately he didn't clue me in to what an awesome website it is!  ;)

They have a pretty extensive selection of women's gear.  I've been lusting after the leather jackets, since mine is too big on me.  This is a particularly gorgeous one:


It's a STEAL at only $159.95.  I love the waist buckle and multitude of zippered pockets, and it's available all the way up to a 3X, which is rare.  I often only see up to L, sometimes XL.

I like my bright red helmet but always dream of getting one with a really fun design.  This one is too gorgeous:


I have a thing for red.  ;)

So here we are.  March 1...staring down the barrel of the equinox.  We just got some more snow, but it looks like we might finally be done.  As soon as the roads are 100% clear and the temp hits about 60...we're off!