Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh hai

Bad blogger, BAD.  I need to start doing this again.  I love blogging.  So here I am.

Lately I've been having a lot of geek girl envy.  First was San Diego ComicCon.  Then GenCon.  Lots of my fave geek girls on Twitter were there and I was SO SAD.  =(  But with my wedding 2 months away, I can't even think about extra travel right now.  We want to take a weekend road trip to Niagara Falls and meet my Canadian bff on Twitter, Shana, sometime this summer.  Then we have our honeymoon in Cancun in October, my other Twitter bff Becca's wedding reception in Florida in January, and my cousin's wedding in Cozumel, Mexico in April.  Whew!  But hopefully, later next year, I can try going to a con or two.

Speaking of which, GEEK GIRL CON.  @GeekGirlCon on Twitter.  Must.  GO.  I want to see all my lovely geeky ladies!  I must party with them.  I will finally feel among my own kind.  I do not have nearly enough geeky ladies in my "real" life.  OMG GEEK GIRL CON SQUEE.

That is all.  I'll have real blogs for you soon, I promise.  =)