Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New house

Tonight, we see Harry Potter. I long ago took tomorrow off in anticipation of tonight's midnight showing. Now we have another reason: moving. Tomorrow will be spent packing, because we sold the condo and bought a house!

Simon and I are the king and queen of Procrastination-land. I know, good combination huh? But we both work better under pressure, even though I know I'm bound to get extremely stressed and cranky. We will spend the entire day packing. Then on Thursday, I return to work and Simon stays home to take delivery of our rented POD. That night we will spend the first of seven nights in a hotel, as we are selling the bed. Friday morning the movers come and help us haul all our crap into the POD, and I took that day off too. Anything we don't have packed yet, we can move into it ourselves after they leave.

Saturday the POD gets picked up and we must be done packing. Sunday will probably be spent in the hotel's indoor pool to recover from all this. BIG bonus. Monday, Simon passes papers on the condo. Tuesday, he signs for the new house. Wednesday, the people move out of that house (we gave them an extra day because they actually moved the closing 10 days earlier for us), and Thursday, July 23, WE MOVE IN!!!

I'm prepared for this to be en exhausting week. For 24 hours we will be technically homeless, and for seven nights we will be sleeping in a Red Roof Inn. It is SO worth it though, as this will really be "our" home. This is the yard we'll be taking engagement photos in, the house we will have a housewarming/engagement party in, where we will sleep our first night as a married couple next year. This house means so much to us. It's my legacy from my mother and our hope for the future.

Wow, slightly more serious than I meant for this to get. I am over the moon about this, and can't wait for this week to be over. Then I have a four-day weekend to unpack the whole mess!

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