Thursday, September 3, 2009

New money hole

This always happens. I get into something new, and sink a ton of money into it. I fell in love with World of Warcraft, and bought the games, a subscription, t-shirts, figurines, etc. I started motorcycling and bought a bike, gear, and all that. Now...it's D&D.

eBay is my most favorite shopping website. Of course that's where I'm stalking new D&D deals. Figurines, dice, books, bags...you name it, I've bought some. At least I'm not the only one....Simon dropped $100 on arts and crafts supplies the other night to make game boards.

I'm all about painting figurines and amassing an entirely unnecessarily huge dice collection.

But having a new obsession is just too much fun! ;)


  1. You've created a MONSTAH! Or two...

  2. ha! my fiance was a huge D&D guy in high school and still speaks of their weekly meets and LAN parties. i love that i'm marrying a geek boy and want to incorporate it into our wedding somehow. oddly enough, Etsy has some decent stuff as well. granted, a good chunk of it is repurposed dice made into keychains, etc.

  3. I love geeky stuff on Etsy. Their Tetris jewelry cracks me up.