Friday, September 4, 2009

Does this D20 make me look fat?

Please don't think too badly of me for saying this, but...

...being a girl gamer makes me feel more attractive.

Don't get me wrong, I game for all the right reasons; I don't game in order to be more attractive. It's just a by-product of something I love to do.

Case in point: last night, Simon and I walked into a gaming/hobby shop to look for D&D minis. This store, 3 Trolls, was hosting a Warmachine & Hordes League Play night. The place was swarming with male geeks. I walk in, with my Coach hairscarf and cute kimono-sleeve top and kick-ass boots, and instantly feel eyes gravitate towards me. As I wound my way through the BO and acne, I felt like a goddess. Granted, I was the only female in the place other than the owner's old, homely wife, but still. It felt good. And I feel super shallow for saying it.

I'm sure it helped Simon's ego too. "Yeah, I'm a geek, and she is too, and we're getting married. Yeah, I'm hitting that," or something along those lines, may have been running through his head. I'm sure I just looked like a tag-along, until I started questioning the owner about the model paints and discussing the merits of unpainted vs. pre-painted D&D minis. I think the respect level rose a notch then.

In the bigger world, there are far more attractive girl gamers than I, like the entire FragDolls team (which I applied to be part of and obviously was unsuccessful). There are booth babes at ComiCon, and chicks who dress up as succubi for these things, and Nerd Girl Pinups. I will never be that hot. But when I walk into a local game shop, I feel a little more confident than I normally do.

I still wish I were Felicia Day, though.


  1. Sing it sister!

    It's great, because when I go into a gaming store, the hubby is the one who feels out of place. We're on equal terms in the gamestop, or the comic book shop, but yea, all eyes tend to be on the not ugly chick in black!

    oh yeah, and boots are always made of win

  2. My epic boots are made of win and awesome. =)

    Really, they're just $35 Mudd boots from Sears. But they have buckles. ;)

  3. I remember the first girlfriend that I was able to convince to play my "nerdy" little games. She was very cute but was most excellently a superstar whenever we went to the comic or game store :)

    P.S.- everyone wants to be Felicia Day (even guys but they won't admit it out loud).

  4. buckles are sexy! And it doesn't matter where you got'em or how much they cost... as long as they make you feel like a rockstar, you're going to look hawt!