Friday, October 9, 2009


Hi, my name is Sarah, and I am addicted to Twitter.

There's no denying it.  I have 4 accounts (CelestialAxis is my personal one, FollowingLove is for re-tweeting love-related tweets, ManaDump is my geek blog one, and CelestialWeds is my wedding one.  Whew!).  On my main account, I follow 210 people, have 332 followers, and have posted 5,364 tweets.  I tweet from my phone, I tweet from Simon's iPhone (he's reserved his Tweetie app for me), I tweet from home, but mainly, I tweet from work.  I refresh Twitter about once a minute when I'm not working, hence following 210 people so there's always something new.

One of the things I love about Twitter is meeting new people.  I have met some ladies that I seriously consider my friends now (mainly msrib, MoodySanguine, and Tryphyna).  I'm actually going to try to take a trip to Canada next year to meet some of them.  I don't make friends easily in real life, especially female ones, so Twitter helps me feel connected and supported.

It's also the hugest wedding resource ever.  Most of my contacts are wedding-related, and we share an endless stream of ideas, websites, and deals.  I became Thursday's featured blogger on TweetMyWedding.  I am ALL about tweeting wedding stuff.

Of course, there's my geek community too.  I keep up on The Guild, chat with people about WoW, and spy on my fave SciFi celebs.

I keep in touch with real-life friends.  I read about news updates.  I cheer people up.  I network.  What CAN'T I do on Twitter?  I love it!  Do you, and why or why not?


  1. *hugs* i totally consider you an awesome friend.. even if we weren't sharing our wedding weekend!

  2. Lol I had a dream the other night that I posted my wedding details on Twitter and people started responding like it was an invitation. Yours was, "I'd totally go if my wedding wasn't the next day!" It was too funny.

    And you know, I've never been to NC either. ;) I think I have trips for the next 5 years planned out due to Twitter, lol! I have a LiveJournal friend in Florida I may see if I go to Harry Potter World. Her wedding date is 10/31/10. She's on Bride$hare too, nacho_cheese.

  3. Ha addicted to Twitter. I could give it up in a second. I just choose not to. Do you hear me! It's a choice! Don't judge me.

  4. Of coooooourse it is. ;) *pats you on the head*

  5. Twitter addiction? I haz it! A while back someone accused me of being addicted to WoW. My responce was something to the effect of 'wow stays at home while I go out, but twitter is always in my pocket!'

    I DEFINITELY consider you a friend, and am super excited at the possibility of meeting you!

  6. I am totally addicted and worry about when I have my new cell phone. At least now I have time away when I'm at work or not at home! If work security allowed access to social networks I'd be in serious trouble!!